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Orange Government Access Television

Coordinator: Ron Davis
Tel: (203) 799-7017


OGAT Committee

Sol Silverstein, Chairman
Gary DelPiano
Robert M. Kelly
Tina Magyar
Michael Papa
Marian Reid
Cory Ziman



The primary goal of Orange Government Access Television (OGAT) is to make local government more accessible and understandable to the residents of Orange.  Through the production and distribution of programming which covers a broad range of government information, this service strives to assist local viewers to understand how local government operates, what town services are available, how to better utilize town services and how the activities of town government affect the community.

The secondary goal is to provide a vehicle for town government access to the cable television system (or other electronic media) for such vital uses as training, data transmission and new opportunities for public communications.

OGAT programs are broadcast on Cablevision of Southern Connecticut channel 79.


Request for Program Production and/or Distribution

All requests must be submitted in writing on the OGAT Programming Request Form.  The form must be returned to the Office of the First Selectman at Orange Town Hall.

Request Review: All requests will be reviewed by the Government Access Coordinator who will use eligibility, priorities and criteria segments of OGAT's policies to determine the suitability of the proposal, its priority in relation to other projects, and the anticipated number of work hours required to complete the project, if applicable.


Click on the following link for a Programming Request Form.