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Tax Assessor

Office Directory:

Tax Assessor: Mark Branchesi, CCMA II, SPA


Assistant to the Tax Assessor: Lawrence Patterson


Clerk: Kelly Kearney


The Orange Assessor's Office discovers, lists and values all taxable and non-taxable real property, business personal property and motor vehicles, annually, within the Town. Assessments are compiled, annually, into a document known as the grand list.  Assessments placed on taxable property are multiplied by the mill rate to determine the amount of taxes each property will pay. In addition to assessing various properties, the Orange Assessor's Office also administers certain state and local tax exemption programs for the blind, totally disabled, elderly homeowners, veterans, manufacturer's equipment and machinery exemption, and for property classified as either farm, forest or open space.

The Assessor's Office is charged with the responsibility of verifying qualifying income and sales prices for affordable housing candidates.

A wide range of professionals utilizes the Assessor's office, a full service department. Appraisers, attorneys, real estate agents, federal and state agencies, developers, and title searchers frequent the information contained within the office. Related information contained within our files includes updated owners of real properties from the Town land records, annually updated business owners, current real property sales information, property characteristics including zoning and utilities, property maps and more. Customized reports are available on diskette, or in hard copy.



The following filing deadlines are provided for listed exemptions:

  • Veterans: apply on or before September 30th
  • State Elderly &/or Disabled homeowners: applications available February 1st to May 15th
  • Blind: apply by January 31st
  • Totally Disabled: apply by January 31st
  • Farm, forest, open space:  by November 1st
  • Manufacturer's equipment and machinery: by November 1st
  • Town Elderly &/or Disabled Homeowners: applications available February 1st to March 31st

For additional information on exemption criteria and qualifications, call the Assessor's Office at (203) 891-4723.


 Affordable Housing

The Town of Orange has two forms of affordable housing. Military Site Housing is affordable housing where the Town of Orange owns the land and an eligible purchaser owns a leasehold interest in the property. To inquire on availability and who could qualify as an eligible purchaser, ask for a copy of the Military Site Housing prospectus.

Non-military affordable housing is available in certain privately owned complexes.

For a listing of units deed restricted as affordable housing contact the Planning and Zoning Office. For income and sales price verification forms contact the Assessor's Office.

Grand List Information

Grand list information is available on diskette or on hard copy. A written request is needed prior to production. Costs for reports are calculated in accordance with Town's Fee Policy as amended. In your letter state what information is needed, the medium desired, and the name, mailing address and telephone number of the person requesting the information.

Address all inquiries to:

Tax Assessor's Office
Data Request Division
617 Orange Center Rd
Orange, CT 06477


Orange Assessor's Office Facts

total parcels real estate: 5,615

total registered motor vehicles: 14,463

total personal property accounts:  850

total net grand list for 10/1/05:  $1,441,904,051*

FY 06-07 mill rate:  31.90 mills

est. population (2003):  13,572

Town size:  17.6 sq. miles

local property taxes / Town revenues FY 06-07:  91.26% 

total revenues from taxes FY 06-07: $45,597,936

total town budget for FY 06-07: $49,959,494     

Assessor's operating budget FY 06-07: $183,273

*prior to the Board of Assessment Appeals

Orange Revaluation Cycle  

The municipal revaluation cycle for real estate has been changed by the Connecticut State Legislature. Reevaluations were formerly performed once every ten years. The current statute mandates that the municipality must perform a revaluation within four to six years of the last one and every five years thereafter.

Current assessments are based on the last revaluation cycle, which was performed as of the October 1, 2000 grand list. The Town of Orange is currently performing a revaluation that will be effective October 1, 2006. For information on the 2006 revaluation, please follow the links below:


Orange 2005 Grand List

Follow the link below to see an analysis of the Orange 2005 Grand List prior to adjustments from the Orange Board of Assessment Appeals, including the following information:

  • Net grand list trends (Sheet 1)
  • Net real estate assessment trends (Sheet 2)
  • Net motor vehicle trends (Sheet 3)
  • Net business personal property trends (Sheet 4)
  • Apportionment of the 2005 net grand list between residential, commercial and industrial real properties, motor vehicles and business personal property (Sheet 5)

View Analysis

Follow the link below for a list of the top fifteen taxpayers in the 2005 grand list.

View Top Taxpayers