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Orange Clean Energy Task Force



  • Ron Novick, Head
  • Paul Davis
  • Amy Gilroy
  • Kathryn B. Hughes
  • Philip McCabe
  • John Ruckes
  • Reid McCabe
  • Joseph Zehnder


The Orange Clean Energy Task Force seeks to have the Town of Orange become a "20% by 2010" partner. SmartPower, a nonprofit organization, began this "20% by 2010" program. The mission of SmartPower is "to foster clean air, healthy communities and energy independence by increasing the use of clean, renewable energy and reducing reliance on polluting, unhealthy fossil fuels."

The Orange Clean Energy Task Force (OCETF) is a task force of volunteer town residents that has been established by the Board of Selectmen to assist the town in reaching this goal. In addition, OCETF seeks to inspire and teach children and thier families about conservation and the use of renewable energy resources.

Click here for Orange Clean Energy Task Force Website