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Plan & Zoning Department

Click here to view the Town of Orange Plan of Conservation and Development, 2015.
Click here to view the Orange Zoning Map effective June 15, 2016.

Zoning Staff

  • Zoning Administrator & Enforcement Officer: Paul Dinice
    Tel: (203) 891-4743
    Fax: (203) 891-2185
  • Administrative Assistant: Tammy Trantales
    Tel: (203) 891-4731

Orange Town Plan and Zoning Commission

Members of the Commission
Chair: Walter "Beau" Clark, IV
Vice Chair: Judy Smith
Secretary: Oscar Parente, Esq.
Paul Kaplan, Esq.
Ralph Aschettino
Alternate: William Perfetto

Regular meetings of the Town Plan and Zoning Commission are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Orange Zoning Board of Appeals

Members of the Board:
Noah Eisenhandler, Chairman
Kenneth Gambardella
Rudolph Miller
Gregory Natalino
Pat Panza.  
Alternates: David Crow and Matthew Pickering. 

Regular meetings of the Orange Zoning Board of Appeals are held on the first Monday of the month.

Zoning Department Permits

Click here for online permits (compatible with Chrome/Firefox only).

The following applications must be reviewed and approved by the Town Plan & Zoning Commission. Regular meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays monthly at the Town Hall. All application forms are available at the Orange Zoning Department. Filing deadlines vary for each application. If necessary, preliminary meetings are arranged with various department heads for their input and review.

  • Site Plan Application - base fee $730 plus $55 per every 10 new/additional parking spaces or fraction thereof.   (Includes final inspection fee of $250 for Certificate of Occupancy.)

  • Special Use permit - base fee  $580, plus $55 per every 10 new/additional parking spaces or fraction thereof.

  • Temporary special permit for excavation and/or filling of earth materials - base fee $480 for the first 400-1,000 cubic yards plus $10 for each 1,000 cubic yards or fraction thereof beyond the initial 1,000 cubic yards.

  • Petitions to amend the regulations or zoning map - base fee $580.

  • Subdivision or resubdivision application - base fee $580, and $55 per lot.

  • Planned residential development application - base fee $580, plus $280 per unit.

  • Sedimentation & erosion control application - base fee $305.

  • Applications for the conversion of single family dwellings to accommodate elderly apartments - base fee $230.

  • Special permit application for public sale and/or processing of agricultural products - base fee $405. 

  • Sign application - base fee $195.

  • Construction of single family dwelling - base fee $355. (Includes final inspection fee of $50 for Certificate of Occupancy.)

  • Application for addition to an existing dwelling and/or accessory structure in a res. district - base fee $155

Permit fees shall be doubled if an application is submitted as the result of a Zoning Enforcement Action, and/or site or building work which has commenced without required Town of Orange Zoning permits and approvals.

If during the review process of any of the above listed applications, the Commission deems it necessary to retain an outside expert or consultant, the applicant shall bear the cost of these services.

Base fees include a $60.00 surcharge for the Connecticut Conservation Commission (Public Act 92-235).

Inspection Fees  - Final inspection fees for the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy are included in the base fees for Site Plans and Residential dwelling applications.

Zoning Board of Appeals Petitions
Tammy Trantales
(203) 891-4731

Filing deadlines are a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the meeting date.

  • Variance Petition - Residential - $180.00, Industrial/Commercial - $280.00.

  • Petition to appeal the decision of the Zoning Enforcement Officer - $180.00.

For additional information please contact

  • Paul Dinice, ZEO, or Tammy Trantales
    Tel: (203) 891-4743 or 891-4731