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Park & Recreation Department

Current Closing / Cancellations
Park and Recreation Office Closings
Park and Recreation Staff and contact information
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Orange Park Facilities

Page updated on June 14, 2017

Park and Recreation Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Park and Recreation Office - (203) 891-4790
Orange Town Pool - (203) 891-4761
Fax - (203) 891-2173

The office, pool and fitness center are located at:
525 Orange Center Rd. Orange, CT 06477

Summer Land-based Programs Registration Start Dates
Orange Residents - Tuesday, May 30
Non-residents - Monday, June 5

Swim Registration Start Dates
Residents currently enrolled - Tuesday, May 30
Orange residents - Thursday, June 1
Non-residents currently enrolled - Monday, June 5
Open Registration - Tuesday, June 6

Enrollment will continue in all classes until they are full or until the class has started. Late enrollments may be allowed, but are not pro-rated.
Some activities listed on this website have separate registration dates. Those program descriptions indicate the correct registration dates. Non-residents may register for any program one week after the initial date.

Current Closings / Cancellations: 

Any weather related closing will be posted on this Website.  Television station WTNH will also have the information, but may choose to post it on their website only. If the Orange schools are closed for any reason, any activity scheduled in those buildings will automatically be canceled. Activities at High Plains will be canceled at the discretion of the Park and Recreation Department.  Please check before leaving for a class.

REMINDER: The Park and Recreation department does not cancel games at Old Tavern Park or Fred Wolfe Park except in extreme weather conditions. Please go to after 2pm for cancellations. Please contact Orange Soccer Association (Tom Pisano, 203-877-2058) for any questions or concerns about soccer games.

Park and Recreation Office Closings
The Park and Recreation office will be closed on the following days:

Independence Day -- July 4

Please check the pool and fitness center bulletin boards for regular facility hours and changes.

 Membership Information

The Orange Park and Recreation Department has two "unlimited use" memberships available for purchase; a Pool membership and a Fitness Room membership. 

  • Memberships may be purchased in the Park and Recreation Office from 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday - Friday.
  • Proof of residency is required for residents (i.e. -license, tax bill).  A photo of each person receiving a pass is needed at the time of registration.
  • Senior (65 years or over) memberships are free to Orange residents but must be renewed annually at the Park and Recreation office. Proof of age is required.
  • Nonresident, full-time employees of Orange-based companies are entitled to purchase individual pool or fitness room memberships at the resident rates. These rates do not extend to family members. Proof of employment will be required (i.e., letter from employer on company letterhead).
  • Members must abide by the rules and regulations set by the Park and Recreation Commission and posted beside the fitness room entrance and on the pool deck and the front bulletin board.
  • Memberships are pro-rated monthly. All memberships are valid from date of purchase until the end of June 2017.
  • Nonresident memberships may be purchased in 2 payment installments with Director's approval.


  • The Town of Orange is not responsible for valuables lost or stolen from town properties.
  • Memberships are nonrefundable. Documented medical excuses may be reviewed and accepted by the Park and Recreation Commission on a case-by-case basis.

Pool Membership Guidelines

  • Bring your membership card on deck with you each time you swim, and leave it with the lifeguard. After swimming, pick up your card as you leave the deck.
  • Personal items must be removed from all lockers and the locker room facilities every night.
  • Lockers are not safe for valuables, even if secured with a lock. Security lockers are available on the deck.
  • Members receive a $5.00 discount on every aquatic class enrollment.

Fitness Center Membership Guidelines

  • Members must be at least 13 years old.
  • New members must have an orientation with a Fitness Center Supervisor before using the equipment. Orientations must be scheduled in the Park and Recreation office.
  • Membership cards must be left in the Fitness Room box before each use and retrieved when leaving.
  • During evening and weekend hours, membership cards must be presented to the Fitness Center Supervisor.

Pool or Fitness Room Membership Fees for June 2017:

Orange Resident Individual Resident Family of Two Each Additional Family Member Non-Resident Individual
$10.00 $15.00 $3.00 $25.00

Pool Membership Fees effective July 2017:

MONTH Orange Resident Individual
Resident Family of Two
Each Additional Family Member
Non-Resident Individual
July $200.00 $255.00 $30.00 $350.00
August $183.00 $222.00 $28.00 $321.00
September $166.00 $211.00 $26.00 $292.00
October $149.00 $189.00 $24.00 $263.00
November $132.00 $167.00 $22.00 $234.00
December $115.00 $145.00 $20.00 $205.00
January $98.00 $123.00 $18.00 $176.00
February $81.00 $101.00 $16.00 $147.00
March $64.00 $79.00 $14.00 $118.00
April $47.00 $57.00 $12.00 $89.00
May $30.00 $35.00 $10.00 $60.00
June $13.00 $18.00 $8.00 $31.00

Fitness Room Membership Fees effective July 2017:
MONTH Orange Resident Individual
Resident Family of Two
Each Additional Family Member
Non-Resident Individual
July $150.00 $205.00 $30.00 $350.00
August $137.00 $188.00 $28.00 $321.00
September $124.00 $171.00 $26.00 $292.00
October $111.00 $154.00 $24.00 $263.00
November $98.00 $137.00 $22.00 $234.00
December $85.00 $120.00 $20.00 $205.00
January $72.00 $103.00 $18.00 $176.00
February $58.00 $86.00 $16.00 $147.00
March $46.00 $69.00 $14.00 $118.00
April $33.00 $52.00 $12.00 $89.00
May $20.00 $35.00 $10.00 $60.00
June $7.00 $18.00 $8.00 $31.00

Parks and Recreation Staff:
Please feel free to contact any staff member directly through their email address or by calling:  
Mission Statement
The mission of the Park and Recreation Department is to maintain designated land in the Town of Orange and to provide a comprehensive array of high quality athletic, educational, and recreational programs on a year-round basis. The target population includes all residents of the Town, non-residents with more than $1000 of assessable property in Town, and non-residents who are full-time employees of Orange based employers. 

Park & Recreation Commission Members:

  • Joseph Lembo, Chairman
  • Jim O'Connor, Vice Chairman
  • Nicholas Bencivengo, Secretary

Stephen Bespuda, David Corris, Linda Kantor, James Ronai, Chuck Stackpole, and Lisa Zarny

The Park and Recreation Commission meets the fourth Wednesday of each month in the lower level of Town Hall at 7:30 PM. 

Orange Park Facilities

Orange Park and Recreation
High Plains Community Center
525 Orange Center Rd.
3 softball fields, fitness center, gymnasium, indoor pool, 2 soccer fields, Paul Ode Nature Trail, walking track, 2 tennis courts, disc golf course, toddler playgroup and 2 picnic pavilions.
Fred Wolfe Park
Hollow Rd.
Nature trail, 4 soccer fields (reserved for league play only)
Mary L. Tracy School
Parking on School House Lane
2 softball fields, children's playground
Peck Place School
500 Peck Lane
2 tennis courts, soccer field, softball field
Racebrook Tract
Racebrook Road
Walking trails
Old Tavern Road Park
110 Old Tavern Rd.
8 baseball/softball fields (reserved for league play only), fishing pond

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