Parent's Corner


Today’s youth experience a different drinking environment than when we were young. Think about the following list of What Has Changed, and use these facts as “jumping off points” to start conversations with your own children. Remember the key is two-fold: frank and frequent discussions will send the message that you’re there for them, and that the discussions are on-going.

What Has Changed in A Generation:
  • What kids today drink (way more potent than the “Boons Farm Ale” of yesterday)
  • How much they drink (binge drinking is a national epidemic, commonly defined as 5 or more drinks in a 2-hour period, or drinking to “get drunk”)
  • Frequency of drinking (more than a one-time celebratory occasion)
  • Age they begin (national statistics show an alarming rate of 11 year first-time drinkers!)
  • Overall availability (most kids report obtaining alcohol from their own homes, or a friend’s house)
  • Definition of a drink (sugary wine-coolers and “alternatives" such as “hard lemonade” are marketed toward youth and made to seem “harmless”)
  • Parental and adult supervision (many parents are still unaware of the ordinances that now allow police to fine homeowners who “host” parties with underage drinkers)