Swimming Pool

Current Pool Hours
The Town Pool is an indoor, 8 lane, 25 yard competition quality pool. There are 3 ladder entrances and one set of stairs available to enter the water. There is an assisted chair lift for patrons preferring to enter the pool that way. Lifeguard assistance is required, but available.
There is a 1 meter diving board available. Use may be restricted depending on pool activities and swimmer volume.
There are 2 lanes, 4 feet deep, from end to end that are available for walking.
Pool equipment may be used while swimming.  Please return it to the proper location when done.  Inflatable equipment is not allowed.

Open swim is available for a per use fee if not a member.


Please review the pool rules before swimming.  Pool Rules

Pool Hours - 2021
Pool Hours
 Covid guidelines for use must be followed.  See below for details.

We will monitor the occupancy of the pool at all times and may limit the public based on the numbers.    Procedures and practices may need to be adjusted when we open based on usage.  Please be flexible and understand that we are all new to these restrictions and guidelines, and our only goal is to provide a safe place to swim.  Failure to comply. by the facility or the patrons. may result in another complete closure for a period of time.

The pool is available for residents and current members/teams only until the occupancy restrictions have been lifted.

Masks must be worn in line, in the lobby and in the locker room.

Public must enter from lobby doors. Wait outside if someone is still at the check-in table. The check-in person in will take your membership card the first time you come swimming and will maintain it through the summer. Current members – memberships are valid until September 30th.
We are not accepting new memberships at this time, but Orange Residents may pay per swim. Payment for non-members is made at the check-in desk. You must have cash, and an ID showing you are a resident of Orange – no credit cards.

All swimmers must sign the waiver, and pass health the health screening every day.

Please keep 6 feet apart in the locker rooms. 

There will no more than 3 people (children with parents are counted as 1) in the locker room at a time.

You should arrive in your bathing suit, but if not, you can get changed, put all your stuff in your bag, shower and take everything to the pool deck.  Showers are still required for everyone before entering the pool.

When leaving the locker rooms, all women should go to the left to get to their lane, men should go to the right.  Continue to wear your mask on the deck, until you are ready to enter the water.

Please space your belonging out along the deck at 6 feet distances – follow the red tape on the benches.  You may not store things in the lockers or changing stalls.

There is no equipment available to borrow at this time. You may bring your own and take it with you after your swim.

The bathroom will be available during your swim.

There should be no more than 1 person (adults or children) in a lane at a time (single family excepted).  Do not linger at the end of the lane if you are sharing the lane.  Hop out to rest.

Walking is available in lanes 7 and 8 only, but all walkers must keep moving. Standing against the wall or using the wall for exercise will not be allowed if there are any other walkers in the lane.

Lanes 2-3 will not be available for the public during camp hours, (9:15a-4p).

After your swim, you may return to the locker room to change but the showers are not available at this time.

The balcony is closed at this time.

No non-swimmers allowed on the deck at this time.

The lobby is for check-in only, not a waiting area.   Use the building front entrance to get to the Community Center offices.

Pool Party Rental Information - we can not have parties at the pool at this time.

The Orange Town Pool is available to rent for parties on Saturday and Sunday from 2:30-3:30pm.
Reservations are made on a first come-first served basis. All attendees will take a swim test at the start of the party. Any child unable to complete one full length of the pool, unassisted, without stopping, will not be allowed in the water without a parent or guardian in the water with them at all times.

The lobby is also available for one hour after the swimming. A refundable deposit is required for the lobby and will be returned if the area is properly cleaned after the party. Please call Sue at 203-891-4790 for more information.  Party rental form