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What goes in your recycling bin?

Recycling itemsPut the following items into your recycling bin. It is NOT NECESSARY to sort or tie any items

Items can be squashed if space is needed. But DO NOT jam into your bin.

  • Paper - newspapers, plain paper, books/catalogs, news paper inserts, etc.
  • Cardboard - food boxes, shipping, gift boxes
  • Glass - bottles, jars
  • Plastics - containers, bottles, items marked with triangle 1-7
  • Metals - aluminum cans, foil, aerosol cans 

DO NOT put in your bin:

  • Plastic bags & films - they go in plastics recycling bins at the transfer station and many local stores
  • Garden hoses & wire - they can go in the hopper at the transfer station

Need to know about a specific item? Refer to to see what can be recycled. 

you can type in an item and the site will tell you if it is recyclable. 

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