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Residential recycling pick-up is weekly, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. See map for which streets are on which day. Pick up may be early in the day so put your bin out the night before if desired. Face the bin towards the street as you see your neighbors have it.
Holidays: When a holiday falls on your pickup day, your pickup will be on the next day, and the rest of the week will be a day later. If needed, Friday pick up will be on Saturday. Monday holidays will not impact the pick up schedules for the week.
Snow: If there is a large snowstorm where roads are impacted so the recycling trucks can’t get through, the recycling schedule will get bumped by a day, as described for holidays above.
Scheduling changes will be posted on Facebook as possible.

Recycling Pickup Days Map

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2. What goes in your recycling bin?
3. Why was my recycle bin missed?
4. How do i obtain a new recycle bin?
5. Where can I dispose of recycle Items that do not belong in the bin?
6. What items can be brought to the Orange Transfer Station?
7. What Electric items are NOT allowed in the hopper?
8. What can be recycled with Plastic Bags?
9. What are the CT State Recycling Regulations?
10. How do I dispose of household chemicals?
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