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History of Orange Tax Collectors

The Orange Collector of Taxes goes back to 1921 when the Town of Orange and the Town of West Haven were created as separate entities. The position while listed and elected as a separate position was many times shared with the Town Clerk's position as the individual was elected to both positions and indeed Orange followed that structure for many years until the Collector of Taxes position became too heavy a burden for one individual to perform both functions. Now the positions are no longer shared.

The honorable position of Collector of Taxes makes all the Town programs and education programs possible by collecting the taxes approved by the Taxpayers annually at a Town Meeting or adjourned to Referendum. The later being a more recent change to the election processes. Collector of Taxes were traditionally elected at a late October/Early November Town Meeting when all Town elected offices were voted on. Today you will find the position filled as part of the municipal election process typically the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of odd numbered years. The Collector of Taxes serves a two year term. There have been 11 Collectors of Taxes since November of 1921.

Honor Roll of Collector of Taxes

Collector of Tax Officials
  • Irving A Andrews  Oct 1921 - 1925
  • Clarence L Hall Oct 1925 - 1935
  • Arthur D Clarke Oct 1935 - 1945
  • Nelson D Booth Oct 1945 - 1951 served as Assistant Tax Collector under Arthur Clarke
  • Howard B Treat Oct 1951 - 1963
  • Ralph A Van Arman Oct 1963 - 1973
  • Marjorie B Wahnquist Nov 1973 - 1981
  • Anita Pol Nov 1981 - 1995
  • Julia Strawhince Nov 1995 - 2001
  • Sandra Pierson Nov 2001 - 2021
  • Thomas P Hurley Nov 2021 - present
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