Swim Level Placement Guide

Requirements for Children in Classes

Proper placement is very important. Your child should be challenged, but not overwhelmed. The following list indicates the minimum requirements your child should possess for each level on the first day of class.

If they are unable to complete the skills, they will be moved to the lower level, if space allows. If there is no opening, a credit will be issued for a future registration, but classes will not be overloaded, and for the safety of the entire class, they will not be allowed to stay in the upper level.

Infant Toddler

Children should be 6 months to 3 years old, with little or no water experience. Parent or guardian is in the water with the child, taking direction from an instructor. It is recommended that you discuss taking lessons with your child's pediatrician before starting a swimming class under age 1.


Children, three years old and new to the Orange Town Pool Swimming Lesson Program must participate in the Infant Toddler class for at least one session before moving to the Preschool level. The Infant Toddler instructor will advise parents on promoting all three years olds. Children in Preschool are 3 to 5 years old, with little water experience. They must be able to separate from their parent and participate safely in the water alone.


Children must have passed Preschool or turned 5 years of age. If your child is not yet 5, they must be able to swim 15 feet, unassisted, without flotation, and willingly put their face in the water to blow bubbles. They must also be able to enter and exit the pool unassisted.

If your child is 5, and taking lessons for the first time, they may want to take a session of Preschool to get familiar with the facility, the classes and the structure before enrolling in Beginner. Any 5 year with a fear of the water or separation issues should remain in Preschool until that is overcome.

Advanced Beginner

Children have passed Beginner or can swim 25 yards of front crawl with arms out of the water and rhythmic breathing. They can also swim 25 yards of beginner backstroke and jump into deep water independently.


Children have passed Advanced Beginner or can streamline front and back glide. They can also swim 25 yards of elementary backstroke kick, swim 50 yards of front crawl with correct arm stroke and rotary breathing, swim 50 yards backstroke with some bent arm pull, and tread water for 2.5 minutes.


Children have passed Intermediate or can swim 100 yards of front crawl with consistent bent arm pull and rotary breathing and swim 100 yards backstroke with bent arm pull and straight arm recovery. They can also swim 25 yards of breast stroke kick with beginning are stroke and coordination, swim 25 yards sidestroke kick with beginning arm stroke and coordination, swim 50 yards of elementary backstroke, and tread water for 3 minutes.