Temporary Food Service Events

The FDA Model Food Code defines a temporary food service operation as a food service establishment that operates at a fixed location for a temporary period of time, not to exceed two weeks in connection with a carnival, circus, public exhibition, festival, celebration or similar transitory gathering.  All proposed temporary food service operations must obtain a food service license from the Orange Health Department.  Such licensure is also required for vendors who participate in these temporary gatherings.

Temporary food service operators and vendors serving food and drink (for free or for a fee) must comply with the requirements of the FDA Model Food Code which are applicable to its operation.

In order to process the application for a temporary food service license and to evaluate the proposed operation and menu, each establishment and/or vendor must complete an online temporary food service application and provide all required information not less than fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the date of the event.  Failure to apply within this timeframe will result in withholding the issuance of a license.  Applications and license fees will not be accepted on the day of the inspection.

Food service operators and vendors who do not have a temporary food service license will not be permitted to operate at the event. Any questions regarding this matter can be directed to this office at 203-891-4732 or 203-891-4719.

To apply for a permit please see Viewpoint link below

Seasonal Farmers' Market Reference Guide

Please read this before filling out the form on Viewpoint

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