Eviction Services

Eviction Services

The Public Works Department provides storage of personal goods through legal evictions and ensures the chain of custody is established in accordance with State regulations and laws. The rules for picking up your belongings are as follows:

  • Individuals have 15 days from the date of eviction to pick up belongings. If Items are not claimed within this time frame they will be auctioned.
  • Individuals must pay for storage of belongings prior to picking up belongings. 24 hour notice is required for making arrangements for pick up at facility that will be given.
  • Must have a valid ID. The ID must match the name on the Execution Notice.
  • A vehicle large enough to take ALL belongings in 1 trip.
  • NO items can be left behind. All items left behind will be disposed of.

Pick up is only available between 9am - 12pm Monday - Friday. Not available on weekends or Holidays.

Please call 203-891-4712 

Eviction Auctions

Eviction auctions are held if individuals do not claim their belongings within 15 days of eviction. Eviction auctions will be posted on the Town of Orange's sign post and posted on the Town's website. Notices are made public and open to the public.